What's up

I'm starting lots of projects and not really finishing anything.. I've been cutting lots of fabrics and doing some handstitching and now just need to sew things together.

                             Pencil roll #1, pencil roll #2, My Family frame for a little boy's birthday..

And my biggest project of the moment, an alphabet book for Y's first birthday (sorry, once again, colours on the photos are crap, the real colours are a lot more vivid..)

Again, a lot of appliques and handstitching that are taking me a long time..

In the meantime, my rainbow quilt fabrics are cut and waiting patiently in a corner.


  1. Anonymous23.2.12

    j'ai un petit "truc" pour utiliser des tissus en bandes comme tu les présentes: il faut un peu de place sur la table... http://quiltingtutorials.com/all/quilt/ ce tuto m'a fait penser à tous tes magnifiques tissus, au rainbow en particulier. cath

  2. Anonymous23.2.12

    j'ai oublié de te dire : superbe ta broderie!!