Memories and diaries..

I have always loved writing letters, making lists, keeping diaries and notebooks. I have always preferred written and printed memories to virtual ones, I'd rather leaf through a photo album than look at photos on the computer. I am a sucker for stationery.

I kept a diary for the first 3 years of M's life, and for Y's first 2 years too. I take a ton of photos of my boys, write their funny words down and keep (nearly) everything they bring back from school and I hope that they'll enjoy looking back at it all in years to come! I know I will!

When M started to write well, I made him keep his own diary.. He used to whinge about writing it every day but he quite enjoys it now and likes reading about what he did on the same day the previous year.
It's also fun to see how his writing changes from year to year!

I have my faithful one line a day diary, which I love and indeed write every day.

And since my friend A brought me this cute 2014 diary and this really cool book from Japan, I have been drawing as well as writing in my diary..


I also have this journal where I keep note of all the memorable things the kids say.
This is my favourite quote from M..

His friend was talking about when he'd been horse riding and he'd come across a horse with funny bumps on his back (there's only one word in French for both bump and hump) and M said "it must have been a camel or a dromedary"! I want to remember this sentence forever!!

And then there's Y, who's a bit little to be doing any writing just yet so I draw a monthly calendar for him - like I did for M when he was little - just so he knows what's going on and although he has no concept of time whatsoever, and of what yesterday, today and tomorrow is, he loves looking at all the little pictures!

Some of those things I will keep in a box for the children to have when they grow up. As for all the stuff I already have in boxes, all the drawings and scribbles and all of M's school books, I think I might follow in Caroline's footsteps and turn them into a photobook! Clever, right?

How about you? Do you keep and record everything? 


My week #4

Due to feeling unwell this week, I haven't been up to much.. Resting, reading, drinking tea, cross stitching..

Meanwhile, the boys have been fighting..


My week #3


Making a letterbox to write each other little messages / drawing time at the cafe with M / my favourite new basket - for my diaries and notebooks / Mexican street food lesson at Jamie Oliver's Recipease / crossing bridges, splashing in puddles and throwing sticks at Morden Hall Park / my neglected sewing box..

This little space has been a bit neglected too.. I've been asking myself what I want it to be about and also wondering what you all might like to see and read, and I'm not too sure at the moment, so please bear with me while I figure it out!


My week #2

Back to school / it's getting cold, we've been staying in a lot.. doing jigsaw puzzles, playing zoo, drawing potato people, rainbow ordering and potty training / getting my fabrics ready for my big project of 2014: a family heirloom quilt made using old shirts and clothes and bits of fabric I found in my mum's attic / a crisp morning watching the sun rise on the common


Craft it forward 2013

Here's what I received from Aniko as part of her Craft it forward challenge: a handmade house shaped needle case, isn't cool? And lots of other goodies too.. sweets, ribbon, and vintage jam stickers that I love! Thanks again Aniko, I love it!



My week #1

Putting the Christmas decorations away - but keeping that little angel for a little while longer.. / on the trail of the Great Fire of London - Pudding Lane where it all started, climbing the 311 steps to the top of the Monument, great view of the City / January reading / a trip back in time at the Museum of London / carrying Amineko around with me / a yummy hot chocolate waiting for me - thanks again Eva!


Hello 2014!

There were.. Christmas jumpers and flowery shirts, far too many presents under the tree, Winter Wonderland and its scary rides and Dutch pancakes, a moshi monsters overdose, lots of bugs and lots of Christmas movies under the duvet, lots of food and drink, a ton of homemade truffles, singing along to Christmas tunes in the supermarket (after all those years, I'm only just starting to know some of the lyrics!) and loving that I wasn't the only one, some really awful weather, some new and some not so new resolutions..

One of my New Year's resolutions is to be creative everyday and I've always liked the idea of a 365 project so.. after falling in love with this book and those cute creations and after receiving my own Amineko a couple of months ago.. this is my project!


Mireille, see, your Amineko is visiting some cool places and he'll be following me around everywhere this year!
I'm having so much fun!! I have to try and stick to just the one photo a day though, and of course try to stick to it for a whole year! I won't shower you with tons of photos but I might post a couple of them once in a while in a new section called "What Amineko got up to" or something.. You can probably tell that I'm quite excited!!

Another one of my resolutions is to visit new places, in London and outside. I bought this cool book last year and I'll be trying to tick a few things off this year.. We started today with a trip to the City and the museum of London, where we'd never been.

We then made the most of the sun and blue skies with a walk around St Paul's and the Thames.
The boys sorted out the love locks on Millenium Bridge.

I have a page full of resolutions like being fit and healthy, open an online shop, make a quilt..
I don't usually stick to them but this year, I have a feeling that I might..

How about you? Resolutions or no resolutions?