Hello 2014!

There were.. Christmas jumpers and flowery shirts, far too many presents under the tree, Winter Wonderland and its scary rides and Dutch pancakes, a moshi monsters overdose, lots of bugs and lots of Christmas movies under the duvet, lots of food and drink, a ton of homemade truffles, singing along to Christmas tunes in the supermarket (after all those years, I'm only just starting to know some of the lyrics!) and loving that I wasn't the only one, some really awful weather, some new and some not so new resolutions..

One of my New Year's resolutions is to be creative everyday and I've always liked the idea of a 365 project so.. after falling in love with this book and those cute creations and after receiving my own Amineko a couple of months ago.. this is my project!


Mireille, see, your Amineko is visiting some cool places and he'll be following me around everywhere this year!
I'm having so much fun!! I have to try and stick to just the one photo a day though, and of course try to stick to it for a whole year! I won't shower you with tons of photos but I might post a couple of them once in a while in a new section called "What Amineko got up to" or something.. You can probably tell that I'm quite excited!!

Another one of my resolutions is to visit new places, in London and outside. I bought this cool book last year and I'll be trying to tick a few things off this year.. We started today with a trip to the City and the museum of London, where we'd never been.

We then made the most of the sun and blue skies with a walk around St Paul's and the Thames.
The boys sorted out the love locks on Millenium Bridge.

I have a page full of resolutions like being fit and healthy, open an online shop, make a quilt..
I don't usually stick to them but this year, I have a feeling that I might..

How about you? Resolutions or no resolutions?


  1. Happy New Year Hélène! I wish you the best :-)

  2. Alors je te souhaite une belle et heureuse année, creative, touristique et gaie à l'image de ton blog que j'aime toujours visiter!
    Je t'embrasse. H

  3. Je te souhaite à mon tour une excellente année! Une seule résolution pour moi: être plus organisée... (la même que les années passées je crois!)

  4. Happy New Year to you two! Homemade truffles sound good!
    What a funny picture of the Queen :)

  5. Une superbe nouvelle année pour toi!!!
    Je t'embrasse fort!