Coup de coeur Monday #8 - Come Home magazine

Initially discovered on Happy Home (have a browse, this is a gorgeous little online shop with beautiful things for the home), I fell in love with this Japanese magazine.
My friend A just brought me 2 issues back from Japan and they're absolutely gorgeous!

Come Home is full of beautiful interiors from Japan. I love the way everything is always so well displayed with an extraordinary attention to detail. I think the Japanese are so good at making things look effortlessly organised and pretty. I love the linen, the wood, the French inspiration, the glass jars, the recycled furniture..

Have a look for yourself (it was hard to only choose a few pages to photograph!):


 And swoooon..


Brothers & sisters

After this one, two more book covers (protège-carnet de santé) for the rest of the family..

I really hope the book fits inside! Because by the time I cut the fabric, did the embroidery which kind of shrinks the fabric and then sewed it all together, I seem to have lost a few millimetres here and there and none of the covers ended up the same size.
If the book it's meant for doesn't fit, I'll make it my mission to find a notebook that does!

Here they all are together..

I moved my workspace from the bedroom floor to the kitchen table..

In the next episode, I have a desk!

P.S.: the illustration on my Blanca Gomez calendar is very apt: it's been raining for 2 weeks solid and it's becoming quite annoying!
P.P.S.: you'll be pleased to know I've started work on Advent calendar #2!
P.P.P.S.: our laptop was broken, hence the lack of posting for a little while..


The flower and the bee

I'd seen embroidery hoops being used for home decor on a few websites before and always thought they looked really pretty. They're such a simple way to add a splash of colour to some plain walls.
Look at that gorgeous wall, seen here..

You can also stick of bit of foam or cork at the back and turn them into pinboards, which is what I did to put up in my future sewing room (still need a table!). With my gorgeous floral fabrics (love the pink one!)..

Explanations here or here. I used foam sheets for the back, I didn't even glue them so not sure how long they'll last but I think they look good and will come in handy!
Pins are from my favourite stationery store Paperchase.

My initial idea was to make one for the kids bedroom for photos, cards, drawings etc but I don't think the hoop is big enough so will need to think of something else..

And this is my workspace!


Where the wild roses grow

That's it, we're all moved in to our new house! I've taken my sewing stuff out of the boxes, now I just need to buy a small table to put my sewing machine in the spare bedroom. So, normal service is about to resume!
There are so many things on my Sewing To Do list! Gifts, things for the kids, and also quite a few decoration projects. I dream of a home full of handmade things (not necessarily handmade by me!), I have lots of ideas but not much experience - I shall keep you posted!

With my sewing machine still in a box, here's what I made the other day..

I can't remember how I came across the tutorial as I found it on a wedding website! Instructions here.
It's a really nice little project. I only made 8 flowers but I think it would have looked quite nice too if there'd been more and closer together..