A week in France between beach and rain / the amazing Heartbeat art installation by Charles Pétillon in Covent Garden / making a start on my new embroidery in the prettiest colour palette / in full planning mode - I start my new job tomorrow and I'm wondering when I'll find the time to do everything I need and want to do!

I haven't been around much over the summer and I'm not quite sure when I'll be back, I think I might need a little time to get used to my new life and routine..
Thank you to my faithful readers, your visits and comments mean a lot. See you soon!



Tea bunting..
A cross stitch picture (pattern here)..




There was sports day and a night camping with the boys.
There were the sweetest messages from the pupils I helped at school this year.
There was M on the water and M in the trees.
There was Brick Lane and a walk along the Thames.
There is a growing little boy and a happy summer read.

There is a month holiday left and a list of summer things to do.. a month before I start my new job..
Happy holidays everyone! And summer, please come back!!


Life lately..



Pretty cottages and flowers in Richmond Park / making thank you presents for teachers / the view from my bedroom window and that super shiny star..


Festival of Love

Festival of Love is back.. And as usual, there's lots to see and do..
See that big slide on the last photo? That's our July adventure!