Coup de coeur Monday #7 - My new music box!!

I don't know which brand it is, I found it in a very nice wooden toy shop in Amsterdam this (child free - yippeeee!!) week-end.

WARNING: only watch if you have a minute of your time to waste! Or would like to hear Y breathing/chatting/biting into the sofa.
Sorry, haven't worked out how to turn the video around..

Isn't it so beautiful? I LOVE that music..
I don't want to put it up in the kids bedroom, I want it in mine!


Lovely day

I have been quite lazy and generally unproductive for the last week or so, but finally I have finished something! Here it is..

A frame for lil sis, again inspired (eg copied) from this diary - the last thing I wanted to make for her birthday. See, good thing I started early, her birthday is now only 3 weeks away! - she's in China at the mo, spreading the word about my blog and looking for potential factories to produce my creations. 
Ha ha, joke - but she really is in China!

In reality the colours are a lot more vivid, I really need to buy a new camera to take better pictures than this!



I haven't been doing nothing for the last few days. In between looking for - and finding! - a house to move to; constantly being after a soon-to-be 1 year old who's learning to stand up, go down the steps and who loves opening and emptying cupboards and drawers, and eating bits of food or fluff off the floor; trying to keep my house tidy; organising the kids social life; thinking of what to do and what to cook for Y's birthday week-end and making endless lists, I've also been making this:

I spent a lot of time on it today and phew, finished it on time for Saturday!

Happy 1st birthday my dear little baby!


Coup de coeur Monday #6 - Orla Kiely

If you live in the UK, you must have seen this Orla Kiely Stem print before, right? It comes in mugs, tea towels, cushions, notebooks, lampshades, kitchenware, handbags, even a radio and lots more.. I love that print! I remember fervently bidding on ebay for a couple of chairs covered in that fabric and being soooo disappointed when I didn't get them.
But I got a nice sideboard with Stem wallpaper at the back a few months later.. Good things always come to those who wait..
Patterns and colours are very 60's-70's - which I love! - this is my dream sofa!

Some more pics just to please the eye.. 

Love the cars print too! You've probably seen it here on my pennant for the Olympics and here on the kids Christmas stockings.

Orla Kiely recently created 2 childrens books too, that I bought for Y's birthday (and a little bit for myself too - I am forever buying kids books) and they're absolutely gorgeous with a very nice retro feel. There's a numbers one and a colours one.