Happy New Year!

I love New Year's resolutions but I think that what I love most of all is writing them down in a new notebook.. And that's usually where they're left untouched..
This year, no resolutions but realistic and exciting plans - most of which I've already started thinking about and/or acting on.. And I am SO looking forward to 2015 and to putting those plans into action!! I think 2015 will be a good year!

In the new year, I want to..
- enjoy my time with the boys (there's been too much shouting and fighting this year and I'm hoping for more peaceful days in the new year!)
- take up roller skating again and take part in the Friday night skate
- decorate my house walls
- take the time to be creative every day, every week, every month..
- simplify the things that take up too much time, too much hassle, too much money in my life (starting with a phone and stationery detox!)
- go on adventures, I love adventures..
- spend 1 to 1 time with all 3 of my boys and take them on adventures (I loooove adventures!)
- tackle the little projects I've had in my head for a while
- carry on enjoying Saturday mornings all to myself, browsing shops, visiting museums, sitting in nice cafes..
- sing in a choir (!!)
- run a 10K race (!!!!!)
- plan my professional future (and probably go back to studying - that's the most daunting thing on my list!)
- live in the moment and stop stressing about silly things

I also want to revive this little space (post more frequently than once a week on a Sunday..) and carry on exchanging with you lovely readers.
What are your plans?

I look forward to reading you all in the new year! xx


My week #52

There's been Christmas with lots of food, spoilt and happy children, Christmas movies, endless cups of tea and chocolate to warm us up (and my new favourite tray!), and there's been some cold and grey days in London playing tourists - I ❤ London!!  
There's also been those very annoying specks of dust inside my camera lens, which I can't seem to be able to get rid off!!

I hope you had a good one! I'll see you in the new year with (hopefully) a few changes on the blog - and can I take this opportunity to thank you all for all your kind words this year, they mean a lot!!

Happy new year, with lots of love, happiness, creativity, health and some adventures along the way!


My week #51

Making and wrapping Christmas presents / reading Christmas stories / putting the bunting up / an ice hockey game..

I can't wait to take M to the panto this week, to visit the giant rabbits on the Southbank, to enjoy the amazingly mild weather and I can't wait for the boys to open their presents!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!


My week #50

A day braving the crowds at Covent Garden (another amazing Lego construction!), Leicester Square (Hello Paddington! - has anyone seen the movie yet? Is it good?) and Liberty to pick up my birthday present / the best concert EVER! / I love Christmas jumpers, decorating my little fabric-covered wire tree and this card Y made at school..


My week #49

My camera hasn't seen the light much this week.. there was my birthday and Y's Nativity play, there was a lovely day on the King's Road with my friend A and buying our Christmas tree, there was a surprise Advent calendar and some lovely gifts, there was a new favourite blouse and baking gingerbread biscuits..

There also was my tea Advent calendar - it's so nice to discover and enjoy a new tea every day, thank you A! - and a day at the Olympic Park watching the Track Cycling World Cup qualifications - a really cool outing..


My week #48



This week.. an 8th birthday celebration with a walk along the Southbank - I want to move straight in here!.. playing old computer games on old computers at the Web We Want festival, Dutch pancakes (my favourites, yum!) and a carousel ride, a Moshi Monsters party and a Lego invasion..
And then we got our Advent calendars ready, the one I made a few years ago and a book Advent calendar (as seen here)..