3 things I like..

Sean Sims alphabet print
I love the colourful and retro looking illustrations! It comes in wrapping paper too!

Personalised T-shirts from sgt.smith
M has got the dinosaur one too (obviously!). Perfect birthday or Xmas present!

Embroidery hoops
As pinboards or wall art, so simple but so pretty! I love this Liberty one..
Or how about using a doily? Seen over at De*Rien Madame, so creative!


Mug rug

I heard of mug rugs for the first time this week and I thought why did I never think of making one of those before!? I've stopped counting the number of water rings on my table..

So I had a go.. This was my first time patchworking - that bit wasn't too bad; first time quilting - it got a bit more challenging there with the 2 pieces of fabric moving around as I was going and my rectangle not ending up so much as a rectangle any more; and after watching a couple of videos on youtube, my first time using bias tape - I found that bit really tricky and the result was quite dreadful, especially at the back - but mug rugs aren't supposed to be flipped over, right?

Anyway, I need more practice!!


My week #23

First time cycling in London on a Boris bike / a lovely child free trip to the Tate Britain / train (and plane) spotting / a beautiful couple of days on the Isle of Wight - The Needles, fossil hunting, paddling in the freezing sea, dinosaur museum, steam train, beautiful blue skies and lots of fish and chips and ice cream.. / Miffy love


Musical anatomy of a crafty evening

With my first ever order maybe in the pipeline, with my plan to have a stall at a Christmas craft fair, and with my dream of one day opening my own shop, I started cutting fabric last night, aiming to make some Advent calendars and pocket wall hangings..

Sometimes I bring my stuff downstairs and watch TV while I cut/sew but most of the time, I lock myself in the playroom/sewing room and put my Ipod on very loud.
My playlist was full of old French 80s songs yesterday - apologies to my lovely English-speaking readers for the French cultural references in this post!!


What do you listen to when you sew??


My week #22



Forever reading / a trip to the science museum / cuddles (or are they fighting!?) in the park / a Tintin themed birthday party (re-using our Victorian costume) and a needlecase and some fabric for the birthday boy who loves sewing / writing silly stories and drawing silly pictures with lots of silly words



3 things I like..

Für Neil poster, available here (and in lots of other online shops)
So dreamy..

Birthday posters, as seen on This little street
Aren't they such a great idea!? And a memento for years to come.. Have a look here and here for beautiful birthday party decorations, cakes and crowns..

Caroline's photo and plate walls.
I love busy walls, don't you?
Check out her blog for incredibly beautiful photos..