In my letterbox.. #2


Another heavenly package from Anne-Flore.. I sent her this and she really spoilt me! A piece of my favourite Liberty and some other fabric, chocolate, masking tape, stamps and lots of other lovely goodies.. Look at those beautiful little mice, such delicate work, I love it!!

Check out her Playmobil DIYs here, here, here, here and here. Anne-Flore has got a wealth of original and cute ideas, with easy to follow instructions (in French but happy to help translate!), I'm a fan!

Thank you Anne-Flore!


  1. What an amazing package, so many wonderful things. xx

  2. Merci à toi pour ce post et tous les autres... et nos échanges ; )...merci la blogo ....j'ai découvert une perle ; )
    Merci Hélène.
    Bizettes du nord.

  3. What a fabulous parcel! I love the playmobil motifs. My kids adore playmobil - I will visit Anne-Flore's blog and have a look. x

  4. Trop chouette ces DIY: j'adore!