My week #19

Sun, ball, bubbles and friends in the park / loving the new Caffe Nero cup / a Victorian tour of the Royal Albert Hall / walking to school, Y wanting to wear shorts just like his big brother..


In the post..

Remember the writing project organised by Lauriane from Yellow Cat a few months back? My penpal Anne-Flore and I loved it so much that we decided to carry on sending each other little parcels full of nice things every couple of months..
Here's a glimpse of what I sent her this week..


Craft it forward #4

This one's on his way to France..
4 down, 1 to go! Time for a little break..


My week #18



Back to school / adding wishes to our wish tree (Y is only 2 but you'll notice his writing is quite remarkable!) / blue skies and a lovely walk along Southbank, M drawing his own map and catching a glimpse of the marathon runners / sun! we can see our shadows! / playmobil mayhem / finishing our time capsule (M would like to open it in 2 years time.. On the day he sealed the letter he'd just written for his 16 year old self he said "I want to read it tomorrow"! But he's actually already forgotten about it so I shall hide the box in a cupboard for the next 10 years..)

And my new niece was born this week, can't wait to meet her!



3 things I like..

Little jade plant by Cocon - available from Happy Home
Don't you want them all!?

Prints by The Lepolas at the Calm Gallery
I have the An apple a day and the Tea revives you prints on my kitchen wall but I love the Rise and shine and the Every cloud has a silver lining prints too..


The Lepolas also designed the Hello and smile postcards that some of you might have seen or received from me! 

Wooden snack boards - I don't collect anything (well I have a considerable stationery collection but it gets dug into regularly so that doesn't count..) but I might start a snack board collection.. I have 2 different house shaped ones, a tree shaped one and this apple shaped one..

Next on my list.. I'd love this cloud one and this cute bread shaped one, seen here..

What do you collect??

(Click on the photos for the source)


My week #17

Visiting St Paul's cathedral for the first time and taking part in a mosaic workshop / wheelbarrow racing / a lovely day at the seaside - with lots of wind and lots of sun! / reading, reading, reading..