Craft it forward #2

Parcel nb2 is leaving for France today..

I'm really enjoying this! I loved making Advent calendars, but they took forever and I needed a couple of months "rest" in between each one to find the motivation to start a new one. Because this is so much smaller it doesn't feel so daunting and I am finding it a lot more enjoyable!

And can I just say.. THANK YOU all for your lovely comments. I don't tend to reply to comments individually unless you ask me a specific question but I will go say hello on your blog and please know that all your kind words are very much appreciated, every single one of them! Thank you!


  1. This is so cute! Great idea!! I love your colorful projects!!

  2. Trop joli ♥ Quelle patience et quelle inventivité ! (PS : Je vais faire des progrès en anglais grâce à toi !!!)

  3. I love this, it's beautiful. You are very talented. x