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I'd seen this beautiful wall everywhere on Instagram and I just had to see it for myself! After a failed first attempt, I went back very early one Sunday morning and after a long walk and another near miss, I found it - and ticked #18 off my list! 




100 things to do before leaving London..

(see previous post if you've missed #1-10!)

#11: go on a calligraphy course

#12: take the boys to the Cereal Killer Cafe in Camden (a huge range of (overpriced) cereal to choose from and an old wrestling arcade game - they love it!)

#13: take the boat from Camden to Little Venice

#14: have a cup of tea at Yumchaa (I had the Regents Park blend and it was delicious!)

#15: see Platform 9 3/4

#16: play in the fountains of Granary Square (and #17: try the ice cream at Ruby Violet and it was as good as I'd heard it was!)

(we found this colourful tunnel at Charing Cross Station)

 I am going to stop here today as #18 deserves a whole post!

To be continued..



Someone said something to me today that made me think, maybe it's time I got back to blogging.. But I'm not sure this blog is what I want it to be any more.. It feels like I've turned the page, so many pages, and that I've gone too far to turn back now.. And I am not sure I will find the time to blog, but I'm going to give it a go and see..

A lot has happened in the last year, finding my feet in my new job, it's been exciting, challenging, rewarding and exhausting. But I guess the biggest thing that's happened (except for Brexit) is that we've decided to leave London and move back to France. So if all goes well, we'll be packing everything up next summer! We are still working things out but in the meantime, guess what I've done!? I've made a list! A list of 100 things to do before leaving London. 100 things that I want to document and make a photo book of. 100 of my favourite things, mainly things I've already done and want to enjoy one last time, but also new things. My biggest challenge will be to catch a glimpse of the Queen ;)!

So, I thought I'd share my list with you here.. Hope you enjoy it! Also, any suggestions welcome!!

Here goes..

#1: wander amongst the pastel houses of Chelsea

 (the Ivy Chelsea Garden, beautifully decorated for the Chelsea Flower Show)

#2: walk over my favourite bridge: Albert Bridge

#3: stock up on my favourite bowls from Anthropologie

#4: go for a walk along the Thames

#5: admire the view from the top of Tower Bridge

#6: have lunch at Borough market

#7: and eat cookies as big as our heads 

#8: visit the Houses of Parliament

#9: feed the squirrels of St James' Park

#10: stocking up on my favourite cranberry tea (and pretty tins) at Fortnum and Mason

So.. there's my first 10 things. I'll be back with more soon..
I'm really enjoying this little project, it's making me get my camera out more and look for a different angle on things - plus I am loving ticking things off ;)
One last picture, taken at the time of the Queen's birthday, the door and tiles, the Queen and British humour.. I love it!