for a week in France..

Oh and also..

After 9 years of being a stay at home mum, come September, I'll be a working mum and a Bilingual Teaching Assistant - and life will become a lot more hectic!
It's a totally new start for me, it's scary but also very exciting, I'm so happy to be doing something that I love and feel very lucky that I'll still be able to drop off and pick up the boys most days (and spend the school holidays with them!), but I'm wondering if I will get on with my new colleagues and if I'll do a good job and how I will juggle everything, and I'm not sure what my new routine will look like and when will I ever manage to have a cuppa with my friends, go to the doctor, go shopping, etc.. and will I have enough energy and patience for my boys when I pick them up?? And will I ever have a moment to myself ever again?? That's what's going through my head at the moment..
Hence the weekly planner and notebook I'm taking with me on holiday.. I feel like I need to plan the next few weeks to make the most of the time I have left on my own (and get stuff done!) and with Y before he starts big school. Once I've written and planned stuff, I'm sure I'll feel better!!

Happy half-term to my British readers!


Out and about.. Afternoon tea bus tour

An afternoon tea bus tour on a rainy day.. The windows kept fogging up so the view wasn't the best, but the food was delicious, especially the pastries! A pretty cool experience!



Making daisy chains..


I ❤.. Rifle Paper Co.

Northlight (a gem for Scandinavian design) presents.. Rifle Paper Co. pop up shop.
Of course I couldn't come away empty handed..


Life lately..

Tea and lemon drizzle cake in the sun at the V&A..
Alexander McQueen - Savage Beauty - a must-see!
Sunshine and daisies..
Immigration stories - Adopting Britain at the Southbank Centre and Samba at the cinema..
Making a timeline for a little boy who's always asking when his birthday is and loves to know which friend he's going to next!
After Grimm tales, another amazing immersive experience at Alice's Adventures Underground.. (Remember my adventure book? That was May's adventure..)
Blowing dandelions on the way to (whole day!) school..
I loved that papier mache balloon display in Anthropologie..




Visiting the Sony World Photography Exhibition and Pick Me Up Graphic Arts Festival at Somerset House. I really liked Thomas Lamadieu's SkyArt..
Finishing my cross stitch picture (pattern available here)..
A new biscuit tin for my collection..