I'm taking a well-deserved break from sewing, A because after spending so much time on my Advent calendar, I need one and B because we have some little visitors and so we've been busy.. Park, museums, paddling pool, and really making the most of the weather.. 

We also saw the Olympic torch - yayyy, the Oympics are coming to town!!!

Spot the difference..

By the way, the teacher LOVED my Advent calendar! I received so many nice comments from all the mums, the teacher was crying - me too! - a few people have said I should start a business - and I might just do that! One day..



Yippeeeeeee!! And I think I love it even more than this one and this one!

Here's a random selection of M's classmates..


.. and here he is with his best friend Pierre..

He ran a 2K race yesterday - only stopping to walk when he thought he'd come to the finish but he had another lap to go poor thing! - I'm so proud of him!

OK, I'm taking a break from Advent calendars for now.. I received my first order from lil sis, she wants some zip pouches and a case for her phone, better get started!


Dear Miss Edwoods,

Tributes from M's classmates to their lovely teacher Miss Edwards are starting to come in, they're so sweet to read!
For those of you who haven't got a clue what I'm talking about, have a look here!

The calendar is coming along too..

I need one more evening in front of the telly to embroider the mouths and then another evening to finish it all off.
Which is where I'd love to have your opinion, which fabric for the edges and back? I can't decide! I love them both.. The flowery one is from IKEA - love IKEA!


Somewhere over the rainbow


 Just in time to give to my friend whose baby is due any day now.. A little girl..


Flowers and another little boy

Remember I was looking for some pink buttons a little while ago? Well this is why..

Inspired by (or copied from, depending on your interpretation) this gorgeous little bouquet seen in a Mollie Makes magazine and pinned on my pinboard for a few months..

It looks simple enough to make on the picture but mine didn't look quite as nice so I thought, instead of making 1 with lots of flowers I'd make 2..

It looks a bit better but I'm still not convinced - think I need longer and stronger stems.. I love the idea though, so think I'll keep collecting pink buttons!

And I'll leave you with an old pic of M at the Pick Your Own (fruit and veg) farm. Doesn't he look so cute running after his friend with a basket in his hand??


Lots of hair and a little boy

Bit busy lately, trying to do/buy all the things in the house that I haven't got round to doing/buying since we moved. We have visitors at the end of the month so what better excuse to finally get things done!

Apart from that, I've been cutting hair (for my Advent calendar)..

And I've finally started on my rainbow quilt (fabric bought and cut back in February!!).
Y seemed to like it, he went to lie down on it as soon as I put it on the floor!

He seemed to quite like my new fabrics (for the quilt and the calendar) too! Or maybe he was just tired..