Where I'm going..

one of my favourite places, Sunbury antique market..

What I'm buying..

a new rug and coffee table..

What I'm doing..

photocopying M's colouring book..


My week #17

Some Happy Mail in my letterbox! / reading The shock of the fall, a beautifully written and very touching book / I'm not tiring of this delicious chocolate chip cramique (brioche) from Aux merveilleux de Fred / loving this view from the spare bedroom / timing M running around the bowling green / writing.. lists, things to remember, projects.. / unpacking a few more boxes and I'm not tiring of those ballet pumps either..

Kids went back to school last week and it's been really nice staying home and doing next to nothing!!


My week #16

No holiday's complete without a trip to the funfair, right? / looking for treasure in the sandpit / April Happy Mail / beautiful flowers and sunshine at Fenton House / M and I are walking 10K in a month time to raise money for a charity close to my heart where I used to be a volunteer. M wants to have a little stall at the front of the house selling cakes and colouring books he's been working hard on - if you like, you can sponsor us here! / my latest read / no chocolate eggs this year but chocolate Gruffalos!



I started this bunting months ago.. I dug my sewing machine out from a box the other day to finish it.
I like making bunting, and I really like the colour combination of this one.

So that's a little package in the post for my lucky giveaway winner!

Happy Easter everyone!


My week #15

A bike ride / receiving Anaïs' Japanese surprise / a little bit of cross stitch / slowly unpacking boxes and finding a place for everything, like this old lampshade I made at school a long time ago.. / drawing for a special project (more on that soon!) / a beautiful day in Cliveden..



What I'm doing..

putting the finishing touches to my little parcel for Gillian..
(Gillian, I'm so sorry this is taking so long!! I just need to dig out my sewing machine from a box, finish something off and your parcel will be on its way!)

What I'm reading..

I loved Le mec de la tombe d'a cote (Benny and Shrimp in English) and I'm loving the sequel too..

What I'm enjoying..

the view from my new bedroom window in the loft.. sunset, the moon and the stars, and yes, planes..


My week #14

We moved to Nb 7.. / I love those old Victorian tiles on the front path and the main hallway / becoming familiar with our new home - my favourite corner of the house, the bay window seat..