My week #17

Some Happy Mail in my letterbox! / reading The shock of the fall, a beautifully written and very touching book / I'm not tiring of this delicious chocolate chip cramique (brioche) from Aux merveilleux de Fred / loving this view from the spare bedroom / timing M running around the bowling green / writing.. lists, things to remember, projects.. / unpacking a few more boxes and I'm not tiring of those ballet pumps either..

Kids went back to school last week and it's been really nice staying home and doing next to nothing!!


  1. I doubt very much you've been doing nothing, it looks as though you've been busy! That flamingo note book is fun, I like it very much. x

  2. J'adore ces étiquettes en kraft ! Oh la la, cette brioche a l'air terriblement bonne !

  3. Jolis ces magazines! Le petit bouquet a souffert du voyage ;-) il a de la chance d'être à Londres, petit veinard!