My week #34&35


A week in France visiting family.. catching up with cousins, visiting the chateau, going to the races, watching cows and generally having a good time! Adding to my To Read pile after my customary trip to the bookshop (and thank you Hermine for adding to my pile too!)..


Back in London.. a very wet and cold outdoor cinema experience / on the Books about Town trail / going up Tower Bridge (I am always amazed by this crazy mix of old and new in the London skyline!) / selfie in the poppy field..

The kids are back at school next week and I am bursting with enthusiasm, projects and new resolutions for the new school year (probably my last one as a stay at home mum!)..
Doing something with this blog is also on my list as I'm not too sure where it's heading.. It started as a sewing blog but, as my productivity slowed down it became something else.. about my life, what I like, with more photos.. And I think I like it this way, I'm not sure.. I'd love to publish more often but I don't know what about, more London, more everyday photos.. What do you want to see??
Hmmm, I need a little think! Any suggestions welcome!


Pretty Little Tokyo

After Pretty Little London, I have just finished Pretty Little Tokyo, just in time for my friend A's birthday to remind her of home..
The pattern is from one of my favourite etsy shops.
Next up, Paris!


My week #33


It's been a lazy week, we spent quite a bit of time at home.. cross stitching while watching old cartoons from my childhood / more cross stitch / colouring in and preparing a summer holiday exhibition for Daddy..
We've also been out to see the guards / an impromptu zumba lesson at the Royal Festival Hall..

We're off on Wednesday for a week in France, see you all soon!


I ❤.. wenevermet on Instagram

 ‘Every Wednesday, he sits and waits. He’s sure she meant two weeks ago, but keeps hoping he misheard it and she might show up any second now.’
‘If you want to be a good window cleaner, the first thing you’ve got to learn is to always empty your pockets’

‘It really pisses me off that it’s so hard to find four-person bikes in central London. I mean, like, what are we supposed to do? Get a cab?’

‘When they’re together he’s afraid of nothing. Nothing.’

 ‘I’ve have a recurring dream with Bach and Mozart. For some reason, we’re all part of this acapella group and Bach is ridiculously bad at it’

Although I am not (yet!) on Instagram, I have fallen in love with these guys, featured in Time Out a little while ago. Taking photos of people from behind and writing little stories about them or imagining what they might be thinking, this is just the thing I can see myself doing and I wish I'd come up with the idea! Their daily posts always make me smile, have a look for yourself!


My week #31&32

First there was a week in Cyprus.. watching the sunset every day, spotting dragonflies, trips to the beach and into town but mainly lazing around in the pool..
Then there were a couple of days rest, watching DVDs, unpacking etc
And then we went on a little family adventure along the Thames, walking from the Tower of London and its 1000s of poppies - seeing Tower Bridge lifting for the first time and waving at tourists along the way, stumbling upon a cool art activity at the Tate Modern where the kids got drawing - all the way to the Southbank where I found this book! And I took it, because I love the idea of releasing books into the wild for people to find and getting them travelling - bookcrossing, here I come!
That's what I love about London, you never what you will come across!

If you like the idea of bookcrossing and if you think you might like to read this book once I'm finished with it, let me know and I'll happily send it to you.

Hope you're all having a lovely summer!