It's over

I LOVE it! Even more than the first one..

I'd run out of batting/fleece for the inside so just used some thick fabric instead, so it's not as sturdy as it could have been. Also I haven't found a great system to hang it up the wall yet..
But 2 more to go! By the time I've finished the last one, I should have achieved perfection!! If that is ever possible..


Boys and girls

It's 29 degrees outside and we're cooped up home with chickenpox so while Y had an unusually long nap, I finished embroidering the children's faces on my Advent calendar.

 The hard work is done!


Night and day

Welcome to Pokemon City!

Another playmat for M. The Pokemons can play when the sun's out and go to bed at night in the little window-beds.

I didn't do this properly, I really should have used zigzag stitch to prevent the fabric from fraying, but I find zigzag stitch a bit daunting.. This would have been the perfect project to practice though - straight lines!

I really enjoyed making this. And I used a lot of my fabric scraps!

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Little house

Snapshot of my latest project. I'm really enjoying it, straight lines only, plus I don't need to accurately measure or cut anything - it's great!!! And very quick. The rest very soon!


A long time ago

Here's my dino land!

I adapted an animal playmat pattern from this book by Laetitia Gheno (mentioned here before).

Adapted = used a sandy coloured background instead of green and added a volcano to make it look a bit more jurassic!
M's dinos are far too big for it but nevermind, he was very happy with it! And it folds into a little bag, so is quite handy to carry around everywhere!

Y quite likes the dinos too!


Dinosaurs, dinosaurs..

Here are my dinosaur cushion covers for M's bed.. Very simple envelope style, so quick and easy to make. I want to make a whole pile of them!

Next, I shall be getting started on my dinosaur land! While continuing my Advent calendar too..


Feels like Christmas

This is my Advent calendar in progress (click on the photo to enlarge)..

I'm trying a different technique for this one, eg instead of working on the beds individually and then sewing them all together as I did here, I started with a big piece of base fabric which I sewed the beds on.
Downsides - the corners aren't so great, as the fabric is folded underneath and you can sometimes see the folds..
On the plus side - there's a lot less sewing involved so it is a lot quicker, and so I shouldn't get tired of it and be as reluctant to start a new one as I've been to start this one!

All the children are asleep..

 And meanwhile, the Pokemons are telling each other secrets (in groups of 4)..