Sunrays and rainbows..

One minute we're taking socks and winter coats off, the next we're wrapping ourselves warm again..


I ❤.. cross stitch



I find cross stitch very therapeutic.. I like the fact that it's pretty straightforward - if you can count, you can cross stitch, that you can do it curled up on the sofa while watching TV and that you can take it along with you to the park, cafe or on holiday..
These are some of my projects from the last year or so, which you might have seen here before..

And now for my to do list.. Some birthday and anniversary gifts, Pretty Little Paris, and the most beautiful Once Upon A Time sampler..






Today, at home..

Sunshine through my window..
March is flying by but I can smell spring, picnics and short sleeved tops..
I ❤ spring!