Christmas bunting

For the fair.. Rather than sticking to the usual Christmas colours, I chose some bright fabrics as I like a colourful Christmas myself!
And my favourite details (again, not much to do with Christmas!)..


My week #41

Pumpkins starting to pop up everywhere / bunting in progress / a trip to the farm with Mr Y / the sweetest birth announcement card, chocolate and some little bows and some beautiful homemade postcards for my ever changing card rack - merci Hermine! / Richmond Park: autumn colours, mushrooms and reindeers..

Hope you all had a good week too!


3 things I like..

Elizabeth Mayville bun and braid prints
First spotted over at Little Birdie, I fell in love with those top knots, maybe because they look so much like mine.. (click on the photo to take you straight to the shop)

Woollen words by Charlie & June
As seen on Hey yellow cat - while you're there, have a peek at the beautiful little details of her home and the portraits of her gorgeous little girl Rosie!

A simple and colourful autumn DIY at pomverte x minimom
Another lovely blog, so creative and pretty, look at this and that and that amazing pavlova.. I'm a fan!


One, two..

One, two pocket quilts ready for the fair - and lots of doubts.. Are they good enough to sell and will people notice and mind the imperfections? Will anyone want to buy them? Am I making too much stuff that I'm going to be left with at the end of the night, am I wasting my time?
I have no idea what to expect and I'm finding it a little bit unsettling!!

One thing's for sure, if I have anything left after the fair, I will be doing a giveaway, so stay tuned!


My week #40



A trip to the Natural History Museum / a concert / a letter goodbye / a play (we LOVE Oliver Jeffers in our house - and penguins!)



For 3 little friends who are moving to the country, far far away..




In full production mode.. 5 weeks to the school Christmas fair.. 5 weeks to my first ever sale..


My week #39

A sunny trip to Sunbury antique market where I picked up some old French school maps and some old bobbins - and a cheese toastie for Y / taking Totoros out for a stroll / deep in books at the library / cross stitch in progress - taking a backseat for now as I'm gearing up for the school fair in 6 weeks time - so little time left and so much to make!! / starting a new diary / adding another round to my first granny square - now I need some yarn!

Thank you for all your kind words of support on my crochet debut, I shall keep going and I'm hoping to show you a blanket some time in 2014! Have a lovely week everyone.