Life lately..



Pretty cottages and flowers in Richmond Park / making thank you presents for teachers / the view from my bedroom window and that super shiny star..


Festival of Love

Festival of Love is back.. And as usual, there's lots to see and do..
See that big slide on the last photo? That's our July adventure!



Souvenirs from our trip to France.. A pretty magazine, my favourite sweets when I was little, a new mug..
M and I went ran the happiest 5K on the planet today..

"Brew the happy feelings inside, they will keep you warm"


La France..



Coming back from the Boulangerie with a baguette and a candy necklace / chasing ants in great-grandma's garden / visiting the nearby park and pond every day / a trip to an animal refuge / picking strawberries / and a day in Paris, where every building (and staircase) is beautiful..