Writing project episode 3

A little bit of sunshine in my letterbox yesterday..

Lots of homemade cards and tags, some vintage wallpaper, notebooks, magnets, labels, photos, a vintage crocheted coaster, stamps and lots more, I've been spoiled and I LOVE it all! Gorgeous colours and carefully thought little details.. even the envelope was beautifully decorated with hand drawn flowers..
Thank you, thank you Anne-Flore, you've made my day. And thank you Lauriane for this wonderful idea, for spreading a little bit of love and creativity and for helping to recreate that I-can't-wait-for-my-letter-please-hurry-up-postman feeling I hadn't experienced in a long time! Can't wait for the next instalment!!


Writing project episode 2

My letter's been received so I can show you what I sent..

A notebook that I made into a gratitude journal by sticking my papercut design on the first page / a couple of postcards / a beautiful beautiful papercut calendar by Rob Ryan (this is the only thing I bought, all the rest already was in my stationery stash - I told you I was stationery mad!) / a piece of Liberty fabric

An envelope made from a page of Issue 13 of oh comely magazine / some more postcards / some cloud shaped post-it notes

Little alphabet cards cut from a sheet of wrapping paper / Fortnum and Mason teabags (cranberry's my favourite!) / a handmade tissue case / a pen

I think my penfriend's happy with my letter and I can't wait to receive hers! Please hurry up Mr Postman!


My week in pictures #6

Enjoying the last of the snow - and finally a little bit of sun! / Christmas all over again when I received my order from Zü / sticker love / sorting out my fabrics / drawing dragons and dinosaurs - anytime, anywhere! / my new Rob Ryan eggcups / back on my roller blades after a 10-year break!! / a night out with Mr Bean / in love with my new Frankie magazine and discovering Frankie and I have got a lot in common! (click on photo to enlarge)


Writing project episode 1

Remember the writing project/exchange organised by Lauriane from Hey yellow cat that I mentioned here? Here was the brief:

English version: send a pretty envelope containing: postcard, bits of paper, photos, piece of fabric, stickers, badge, pens, poem, drawing, handwritten letter, cuttings, collages, surprises, notebook, calendar, bookmark, stamp, eraser, book, photo album, piece of string, confetti, poster, magazine.. etc..
The only constraint was that it had to fit into an envelope and go through the post as a letter - not a packet..

And here's a sneak peek of what I will be sending tomorrow - hopefully it will go through as a letter, maybe a large one..

More pics when my parcel's been received by my Belgian penfriend!

I have to say I got slightly carried away.. If there was a job making up pretty little bundles for people, buying stationery, wrapping it all up nicely etc.., it would be my dream job!!
I enjoyed preparing my surprise package so much that I'm quite sad it's over!


Welcome to the world baby Oliver!

Just a little something to go with the rainbow quilt..

Can you guess where the parents are from??


My week in pictures #5

Some papercutting of my own design for a special project (more on that soon..) / lots and lots of snow, sledging, snow ball fights and wet wellies / cold afternoons at home playing games - love this French classic "le jeu des 7 familles" (the 7 families game) / making a start on decorating my bedroom / M's marble jar - he gets a marble every time he's being kind to his little brother - believe me, until about 2 weeks ago, it wasn't happening that often!! - and he gets some special mummy time when he has enough marbles. So far, it's working! / making envelopes out of my newly discovered oh comely magazine (such a beautiful and inspiring magazine..) - hadn't made my own envelopes in a looooong time..


Craft it forward 2013

I can't really remember how I came across this concept, probably on one of the millions of blogs I read.. But I love the idea so I am taking part in the Craft it forward 2013 challenge!

So what is it?
The idea is that the first five people to comment on this post will receive something handmade by me, anytime in the next year, whenever the mood strikes me.. There is a catch though! Those five people must make the same offer on their blog (or Facebook). 
And so.. people all over the world (5x5x5x5..) will be receiving handmade goodness this year, how cool is that!?

And remember, you don't need to be able to sew or knit or crochet to take part.. Your gifts can be as simple as a card, a batch of cookies, a poem.. So come on, join me and get crafting!

And you could be receiving something like this.. (Remember those flowers? Well, a few pipe cleaners, a few bits of felt and a glue gun later..)

.. or something totally different!!


Rainbow quilt

I'd made this rainbow quilt for a little girl before, and I've just finished another one for a little boy who's due to be born tomorrow!


My week in pictures #4

An outing at the local zoo / my new diary - I know, another one! / customising my IKEA shelf - January project #1 done - my sewing machine is back in business, yayyy! / working out my new camera's features while photographing random stuff round the house / my new garland from Les pommettes du chat - LOVE it!! / visiting the Wildlife photographer of the year exhibition