My week in pictures #5

Some papercutting of my own design for a special project (more on that soon..) / lots and lots of snow, sledging, snow ball fights and wet wellies / cold afternoons at home playing games - love this French classic "le jeu des 7 familles" (the 7 families game) / making a start on decorating my bedroom / M's marble jar - he gets a marble every time he's being kind to his little brother - believe me, until about 2 weeks ago, it wasn't happening that often!! - and he gets some special mummy time when he has enough marbles. So far, it's working! / making envelopes out of my newly discovered oh comely magazine (such a beautiful and inspiring magazine..) - hadn't made my own envelopes in a looooong time..


  1. I love those rubber boots...the ribbon is so cute! Doesn't "7 families game" exist in the UK? Thanks for your comments on my blog ;)

    1. Thanks! I have a bit of a bow fetish ;) I love them on my boots, shoes, jumpers.. Wish I could put them in my hair too, like you did!
      And no they don't have the 7 families game here, shame isn't it!? I should import it!