It's a giveaway!

Because my little blog turned 2 a couple of weeks ago, because I love giveaways and sending nice little parcels to people, because I want to say thank you to you all for still being here and for your comments, because I have got to know some really really nice people through this blog, because it wouldn't still be here if you weren't..

All you need to do is leave a comment, the winner will be drawn on 10th March (Y's birthday).
Good luck!

Hmmm, and what's the prize I hear you say? Well, as before, probably a surprise package full of the things I like.. You can be sure there'll be some tea, some stationery and something handmade! 


My week #7&8

First there was.. Valentine's day / plenty of tea and rest ahead of a week away / receiving my first Happy Mail / taking a new cross stitch project on holiday
And then there was.. a week in France visiting family and skiing / very foggy days, horrible snowy days and perfect sunny days / two very happy boys!


My week #6


Papercutting / a trip to the Natural History Museum / karaoke time / some peaceful brotherly playtime (doesn't happen very often!) / an elephant in the house / taking part in Hermine's Happy Mail project and preparing my first Happy Mail of the year

Thank you for all your kind words, I am feeling a lot better thanks to antibiotics!
Also, I haven't forgotten my little blog's 2nd birthday but viruses have got the better of me in the last couple of weeks and we're going away next week for half term so please bear with me.. giveaway coming soon!!


Pretty Little London

The one good thing about feeling rubbish is that I get to spend hours on the sofa watching daytime TV and finally finishing this..

I started it last September and it's been a loooong but very enjoyable process and I just love the result! Aren't the colours just perfect? I'm so happy with it!
The pattern is from this cute little Etsy shop. Have a look around.. I love it all!

So.. next up.. Pretty Little Paris? Pretty Little Tokyo?




My week #5

Chinese New Year and fortune cookies / drinking lots of tea / Hello February! / a pirate party
More bugs and feeling rubbish for most of the week - hoping to be back on full form and with some creative stuff very soon!