Today, at home..

A grey and rainy day..
Looking for adventure ideas for the week-end..
I picked up this little shelf in an antique treasure trove in Ramsgate. The lady didn't know what it was for, I'm thinking it might have been used to store bobbins.. - or test tubes? What do you think?? While I figure out what to do with it, the boys thought it'd make a pretty cool Moshi Monsters stadium..


Out and about.. Ramsgate

Playing in the waves, collecting treasures (we didn't find anything as remotely pretty or interesting as Caroline's collections - I was keeping an eye out for colourful plastic bits! - but looking for chalk stones was fun!), writing messages in the sand.. A breath of fresh air.. 

(I've grown used to seeing this annoying speck of dust on every single one of my photos.. I sadly can't get rid of it so I try my best to hide it!)


Out and about.. Claremont Landscape Garden

"There's nothing better than spending time in a National Trust place with my family. Not even playing Minecraft for 3 hours.. Not even Christmas! I can relax, lie down in the grass, play roly poly, look for animals and insects, go on adventures, breathe some fresh air.. I want to move in here."
M, 8 - Claremont Landscape Garden


Out and about.. On the tourist trail

We had visitors this week-end, on their first ever trip to London, so we went along with them and visited places we'd not yet seen..
Westminster Abbey - simply breathtaking / The Tower of London on the other hand, slightly disappointing.. / The Changing of the Guard / Prince George - isn't he the cutest baby!?


Today, at home..

Meringue hearts / planning half term / charity shop finds / my new favourite song..



How is your day gonna be?
Sunny.. wearing the most beautiful shoes in the world!
Happy.. taking M to see The Pied Piper of Hamelin on the Southbank
Magical.. an immersive fairytale , based on Philip Pullman's Grimm tales (Adventure #3)


Today, at home..

Eating.. delicacies from the famous Pâtisserie des rêves..
Reading.. Harry Potter (I'm hooked!)
Baking.. Pepernoten
Lots of food and drink to keep warm!