Two weeks in Spain: lots of swimming and diving, lots of sand, lots of late nights, lots of sun and lots of rain too, lots of time to read..

We had a lovely time but it's good to be back! M is back at school on Wednesday, Y is starting nursery school the following week and also I will miss them both and will probably be in tears on Y's first day, I'm looking forward to going back to a little bit of a routine and having a little bit of time to myself too!
Hope you all had a lovely summer!




My week #34

Shooting silly videos / a trip to the farm / more postcards doted all over the house / a trip to London zoo and a very happy penguin loving little boy.. and also.. seeing friends, baking cookies, watching movies, playing in the park, eating pizza, preparing for a holiday and enjoying the lovely weather while it lasts!




My week #33


Despicable 2 at the cinema / frisbee (and fighting!) on the common / a little note for the tooth fairy "I lost a tooth but unfortunately I lost it in the shop as I was biting into something" - she was very understanding and left a coin anyway.. / a lovely day in Hyde Park - reading and elderflower lemonade for me, frisbee and ice cream for M and his friend / holiday scrapbook / colouring in