The final countdown

I did it!! I used all my favourite fabrics for this one, all the ones I didn't know what to do with but that I wanted to keep a little piece of. I'm not so happy about the blue all around though, I think it looks too dark..

That's me.. off to bed now.

And the countdown to Christmas has begun.. Tomorrow Y will open the first pocket. And tomorrow I'm getting my Xmas tree out, yayyyy!!
I already have the Xmas lights out..

Last but not least..

It was M's birthday this week, so I'm running a bit late with my Advent calendar for the kids..

I HAVE TO finish it tonight!!

And then put it up the wall and put all this in..

Some Lego, stationery, toothbrushes, a considerable amount of cars and chocolate of course! Can't wait to see their little excited faces every morning!!


Welcome to our home

I went to a papercutting workshop at The Make Lounge with my friend S yesterday. I'd already been there for a beginners sewing workshop and I love this place. The classes are very relaxed and great fun and the teachers inspiring. They also have a nice little shop selling fabrics, books and lots of various crafting bits and pieces.
I really enjoyed the workshop yesterday and loved the stuff I brought home..

This was the practice round, which I hung above my desk..

And here's my masterpiece. I designed it myself and I LOVE it!!

I came home with a new book too, which I'll be putting into practice soon.. To be continued..

In the meantime, have look at Rob Ryan's (his work is simply incredible) and Famille Summerbelle's (mentioned here before) websites. Amazingly clever and beautiful, isn't it!?


Final instalment

And after working a large part of the day and the night yesterday, here it is..

I can hardly believe my own efficiency on this one! Once the fabrics and felt shapes were cut, it only took me a few days to glue and sew everything on and finish it all up. Which is a good thing as I only have 2 weeks left to make the final one, for my own kids this time..
But today is rest day..



Coming along..

The 1st one of my 2 Advent calendars, for this little girl and this little boy, that you might have seen here before..


How did this happen??

Back in January, everyone said to me: Making Advent calendars in January, are you mad??

Fast forward and here I am, with less than 3 weeks to go til 30th November, and 2 calendars to make!! I need to work every single day if I want to get them done.. The pressure's on!

And while my hands have been busy cutting and embroidering (as well as the usual cooking, cleaning, nappy changing and bottom wiping, picture taking, pram pushing, list making, present wrapping, hair and teeth brushing, cuddling, page turning and more!!), some little hands have been busy too..

I know, it's far too early to be decorating Christmas trees but that tree isn't really a Christmas tree, although we'll probably use it as one. I LOVE it!! M too.