How did this happen??

Back in January, everyone said to me: Making Advent calendars in January, are you mad??

Fast forward and here I am, with less than 3 weeks to go til 30th November, and 2 calendars to make!! I need to work every single day if I want to get them done.. The pressure's on!

And while my hands have been busy cutting and embroidering (as well as the usual cooking, cleaning, nappy changing and bottom wiping, picture taking, pram pushing, list making, present wrapping, hair and teeth brushing, cuddling, page turning and more!!), some little hands have been busy too..

I know, it's far too early to be decorating Christmas trees but that tree isn't really a Christmas tree, although we'll probably use it as one. I LOVE it!! M too.


  1. C'est chouette cet arbre, tu l'as fabriqué? Les mini boules sont sympas aussi.

  2. Non je l'ai achete et je l'ADORE!