My week #13

It's been a busy and stressful week but I think we're ready for the big day, all I need to do now is pack.. / drinking lots of my new favourite tea to keep myself calm and composed / spring is here! / we're moving next Friday.. See you soon!


My week #12

A book / a movie / a week end in Lille with Y: carnival, confettis and waffles..


My week #11




A little boy turning 3.. his new favourite costume, cupcakes for school and the London Eye for a birthday treat / a day trip to Paris.. Merci, haberdasheries and fabric shops, Musée de l'Orangerie and Hema of course! / a 3rd birthday party
It's been an exhausting but happy week!


My week #10.. and the winner is..

A sunny afternoon in the park and the first ice cream of the year / preparing my March Happy Mail / Wally writing a birthday letter to his teacher on World Book Day / collecting Ys in the park / flowers in the garden / a beautiful morning in Battersea Park

Spring is here! It's so nice to be spending more time outdoors. Although we're moving house in 4 weeks time so I won't get to enjoy the sun as much as I'd like to! I'll be sorting through all our stuff, driving back and forth to the skip and charity shop, putting stuff up for sale on eBay, buying furniture, packing boxes.. so excuse me if I'm not around here that much..

And the winner is..



What I'm wearing..

sunglasses.. yayyy the sun's out!

What I'm eating..

homemade chocolate chip cookies..

What I'm doing..

looking for inspiring phrases on the internet and printing them off to send to my friend..


My week #9

A quick cross stitch project / trying the new delicacy that's just arrived on my doorstep / spring bulbs on the windowsill / photographing M's masterpieces to turn them into a photobook / a busy March ahead.. planning a day trip to Paris and Y's 3rd birthday / a browse in one of my favourite museum shops, the V&A..

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