Family portrait

And some more children in bed..

14 down, 10 to go! I'm getting there!


Coup de coeur Monday #2 - Ledansla

A beautifully decorated house with lots of vintage, handmade and unique finds, retro furniture, neutral backgrounds and splashes of vivid colour here and there, simple and pure materials, lots of charm, little but poetic writing and the most gorgeous photographs.. Ledansla is Aurélie Lecuyer's blog (in French, but you don't need to know French to enjoy).
I just love looking at her pictures, I find that they have that calming effect, and they make me dream of such a gorgeous house!

It's hard to choose a few pics to show, so have a look on her blog and enjoy!

Pictures by Aurélie Lecuyer

Aurélie's also created her own line of handmade children shoes under the brand Albert et Henriette (after her grandparents - love that name!), available here, aren't they just gorgeous!?


Sleep baby sleep

I'm not too pleased with the one with the ginger hair, I'm not sure why he's got lots of hair on one side of his face and not so much on the other side..
But I love, love, LOVE this one, isn't he just adorable!?

5 down, 19 to go! What's taking me the longest is the hair - and I've only done babies and boys so far, wait til I get to the girls!!


Coup de coeur Monday #1 - Blanca Gomez

Because I don't make stuff every day but don't want to disappoint my flock of loyal readers - 3! - by not posting for a week, I thought I'd share the things that I love: artists, blogs, online shops, decorating ideas, kids stuff, and also my wish list, eg things I'd love to have, one day, in my dream home, and that I'm ticking off the list little by little (please take note for birthday/Christmas)..

First up is Blanca Gomez. I bought this Family print for the kids bedroom.

And of course I had to buy the London and Paris prints.

Very simple drawings but so so cute. Look at these Parisien and Parisienne prints! 


La vie en rose

It's not often I get to sew pink fabric! This is a bag for Baby 2, a little girl due in February.
It's copied from a bag my friend made for Y when he was born. It didn't take me as long as I thought it would, the tricky bit being assembling the outside and the inside - considering that the inside somehow ended up slightly larger than the outside! - and then stitching them together at the top.

Next, I'll be making another one just like that for another little girl due in April.


Getting ready for Christmas day

Here's what I've been doing in the last few days.

Cutting lots of rectangles and circles - trying to be very precise, quite a lot of handstitch, this project is going to take me forever but I'm really enjoying it!
1 down, 23 to go!

I can't believe it's only January and I'm already making an Advent calendar for next Christmas but if this one works out OK, I'd love to make some more for my niece and nephews and for my godsons.