Advent calendars have been cropping up all over blogland, ours is ready too!
The kids are so excited!!

If you need some inspiration, have a look at these.. Clicking on the photo takes you straight to the DIY..






My week #45

Wishing I could knit to take part in the cutest charity project / recycling the little hats / the Christmas lights are starting to come out / a beautiful tea Advent calendar for my friend A / another Advent calendar for Hermine (look at the one she's prepared for me, I'm so excited!!) / first time ice skating for little Y / running wild in the fields

It's getting cold and it's definitely starting to smell of Christmas!



A couple of (not so good) photos of the fair last night..

It was a first for me and a very good experience. I'm very glad I did it and I love my stuff and I loved our colourful stall but I have to say, after all the hard work and the stress and the buzz of the last couple of weeks/months and only a couple of sales last night (and to friends so that doesn't really count!), I'm feeling slightly deflated.. I know I shouldn't be so I'll just go have a cup of tea, have a rest and have a think..

Thank you all so much for bearing with me and for your encouragements, now I'll stop going on and on about the fair!
Happy week-end everyone!


D day..

All packed!


My week #44


Having a go at making Christmas tree decorations / London PJs for some little French friends /a trip to Sunbury antique market, where I found this flowery fabric - immediately washed, cut up and sewn at the back of my latest Advent calendar / a mini pocket quilt / a week-end in Paris with little M as a birthday treat: meeting friends, a trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower and a little bit of shopping..


Advent calendar

Advent calendar, tick. From start to finish, this takes me about 12 hours, maybe more, I've never counted.. Cutting the fabrics, ironing them, embroidering the numbers, sewing, cutting the faces and hair and embroidering the eyes and mouth then finishing it all off (plus undoing and redoing some of it!), it's A LOT of work. So I always feel quite pleased when it's all finished and it turns out OK.

I can't wait to get the kids Advent calendar out - 16 days to go!!


Three, four, five..

One, two, three, four, five pocket quilts for the fair.
My to do list with a bit more than one week to go..
* finish Advent calendar
* iron and cut loose threads
* prepare packaging, price tags, price list and order book!


My week #43




Christmas spirit: Christmas shop windows, fake snow and preparing an Advent calendar / sewing every chance I get / a beautiful autumn day at Polesden Lacey