Out and about.. Claremont Landscape Garden

"There's nothing better than spending time in a National Trust place with my family. Not even playing Minecraft for 3 hours.. Not even Christmas! I can relax, lie down in the grass, play roly poly, look for animals and insects, go on adventures, breathe some fresh air.. I want to move in here."
M, 8 - Claremont Landscape Garden


  1. That first picture of M. & Y., of them both sitting on the bench, is really pretty :) & that quote <3
    Et merci de ton passage sur mon blog et de ton e-mail (I'm about to go reply). xx

  2. L'endroit idéal pour se ressourcer. Merci beaucoup pour ton HUM, c'était une belle surprise et elle a enjolivé ma journée. Tout était adorable et je pense me mettre au crochet. Bon break dans ce bel endroit.

  3. Tout ce que tu aimes! Enjoy!!!