My week #31&32

First there was a week in Cyprus.. watching the sunset every day, spotting dragonflies, trips to the beach and into town but mainly lazing around in the pool..
Then there were a couple of days rest, watching DVDs, unpacking etc
And then we went on a little family adventure along the Thames, walking from the Tower of London and its 1000s of poppies - seeing Tower Bridge lifting for the first time and waving at tourists along the way, stumbling upon a cool art activity at the Tate Modern where the kids got drawing - all the way to the Southbank where I found this book! And I took it, because I love the idea of releasing books into the wild for people to find and getting them travelling - bookcrossing, here I come!
That's what I love about London, you never what you will come across!

If you like the idea of bookcrossing and if you think you might like to read this book once I'm finished with it, let me know and I'll happily send it to you.

Hope you're all having a lovely summer!


  1. Gorgeous pictures Helene. The dragonfly is beautiful against the blue water. Looks like you are having a fun summer ... Bee xx

  2. Wahou pour Chypre et le reste.
    De bien belles vacances...

  3. Ces photos de Chypre me laissent rêveuse.

  4. I SO wanted to see the poppies! Are they going to let them there a while or was it just for the day?
    And looks like you had a very enjoyable time in Cyprus :) xx

    1. They're here til 11th Nov. That's plenty of time for you to plan your next trip!! Plus you need to meet baby Alice. Plus I'm sure you need some new clothes ;-)

  5. A lovely summer holiday post. I'd love to see the poppy installation, and your photos of Cyprus make me want to be on holiday right now!

  6. gorgeous pictures, looks like a beautiful holiday!

  7. Magnifique cette libellule au bord de la piscine! Tes photos sont magnifiques!!! J'adore l'idée du bookcrossing. Mais je lis tellement lentement...