100 things to do before leaving London..

(see previous post if you've missed #1-10!)

#11: go on a calligraphy course

#12: take the boys to the Cereal Killer Cafe in Camden (a huge range of (overpriced) cereal to choose from and an old wrestling arcade game - they love it!)

#13: take the boat from Camden to Little Venice

#14: have a cup of tea at Yumchaa (I had the Regents Park blend and it was delicious!)

#15: see Platform 9 3/4

#16: play in the fountains of Granary Square (and #17: try the ice cream at Ruby Violet and it was as good as I'd heard it was!)

(we found this colourful tunnel at Charing Cross Station)

 I am going to stop here today as #18 deserves a whole post!

To be continued..


  1. Whaou! Tes photos donnent tellement "envie d'Angleterre"!

    1. Il faut que tu viennes! Un week-end sans enfants!?