My week #48



This week.. an 8th birthday celebration with a walk along the Southbank - I want to move straight in here!.. playing old computer games on old computers at the Web We Want festival, Dutch pancakes (my favourites, yum!) and a carousel ride, a Moshi Monsters party and a Lego invasion..
And then we got our Advent calendars ready, the one I made a few years ago and a book Advent calendar (as seen here)..


  1. Sympa le Christmas très cafe! Happy 8 M! Promis je passe a la poste mercredi... J'aimerais tellement que mo. Happy mail ne se soit pas perdu... Let me know!

  2. The cider lodge looks great, I wish I could go there too! Your advent calendar is amazing. It's funny you like reading me in English on Spoonencore :-) D'ailleurs, je t'ai laissé une réponse à la suite de ton commentaire !

  3. what a cool place!! Happy belated 8 to your big boy...it's so funny to see Pirum parum on your pics ;-)