My week #49

My camera hasn't seen the light much this week.. there was my birthday and Y's Nativity play, there was a lovely day on the King's Road with my friend A and buying our Christmas tree, there was a surprise Advent calendar and some lovely gifts, there was a new favourite blouse and baking gingerbread biscuits..

There also was my tea Advent calendar - it's so nice to discover and enjoy a new tea every day, thank you A! - and a day at the Olympic Park watching the Track Cycling World Cup qualifications - a really cool outing..


  1. I can't believe i forgot your birthday... Happy birthday Helene!!!

  2. I love how much you get out and about in your local area. It looks like a lot of fun at the Olympic Park. And happy belated birthday to you! x

  3. I quite like the tea advent calendar idea! :)
    And very happy belated birthday too! I'm relying on fb way too much for these celebrations nowaday ... xx