Memories and diaries..

I have always loved writing letters, making lists, keeping diaries and notebooks. I have always preferred written and printed memories to virtual ones, I'd rather leaf through a photo album than look at photos on the computer. I am a sucker for stationery.

I kept a diary for the first 3 years of M's life, and for Y's first 2 years too. I take a ton of photos of my boys, write their funny words down and keep (nearly) everything they bring back from school and I hope that they'll enjoy looking back at it all in years to come! I know I will!

When M started to write well, I made him keep his own diary.. He used to whinge about writing it every day but he quite enjoys it now and likes reading about what he did on the same day the previous year.
It's also fun to see how his writing changes from year to year!

I have my faithful one line a day diary, which I love and indeed write every day.

And since my friend A brought me this cute 2014 diary and this really cool book from Japan, I have been drawing as well as writing in my diary..


I also have this journal where I keep note of all the memorable things the kids say.
This is my favourite quote from M..

His friend was talking about when he'd been horse riding and he'd come across a horse with funny bumps on his back (there's only one word in French for both bump and hump) and M said "it must have been a camel or a dromedary"! I want to remember this sentence forever!!

And then there's Y, who's a bit little to be doing any writing just yet so I draw a monthly calendar for him - like I did for M when he was little - just so he knows what's going on and although he has no concept of time whatsoever, and of what yesterday, today and tomorrow is, he loves looking at all the little pictures!

Some of those things I will keep in a box for the children to have when they grow up. As for all the stuff I already have in boxes, all the drawings and scribbles and all of M's school books, I think I might follow in Caroline's footsteps and turn them into a photobook! Clever, right?

How about you? Do you keep and record everything? 


  1. i also used to keep a diary when i was a child, then as a teen, and then later when i lived in London for the first 3-4 years. it's great you got your little boy enjoying diary keeping, i really think it's a great hobby and skill! he might even develop a writer's vein! :)
    (if i think back, i remember as a kid i was really inspired by books i read that were in diary format with illustrations. then later i enjoyed reading Adrian Mole...)
    love your little drawings too! xx

    1. Thanks Aniko!
      I love Adrian Mole too!

  2. Yes! Ha I'm so the same! I too write down things the kids say and love the look of that book - I will have to find that one. I look back at the things they came out with and am so glad I have written them down. I keep pretty much all their drawings too (though I'm trying to be more selective) and have a box each for all the letters and little bits. I was looking through my old scrapbooks lately and might try and start doing some again as it was lovely to see a record of what we were doing.
    Keeping their own diaries is such a nice idea - they will so love looking back at them when they are older! xx

  3. On est vraiment pareilles!!! Je compile tout comme toi... Je note, je classe, je tiens un journal à la semaine. Et je retiens l'idée du petit journal q tu fais écrire a M. Des q symeon écrira un peu moins gros... Biiiiises!

  4. Such a nice idea to keep all these things. I keep a lot of their drawings and letters but am terrible for forgetting to write things down. I like your one line a day diary, I've seen a few of those around lately. What a good idea. x

  5. Joli projet... et bel aide mémoire. J'adooooooooooooore! Moi j'essaie d'en garder beaucoup dans ma tête mais je me rends compte que je finis par oublier. Enfin c'est aussi le jeu et la roue de la vie... Oublier pour se souvenir d'autres choses. :)
    Et puis surtout je suis fan de ton livre pour apprendre à dessiner kawai. Et en plus tu es super douée. Hâte d'être ta correspondante dans le HM project... mais pas persuadée qu'un petit courrier ventru ne partira pas un peu avant chez toi. Bisous et à vite

    1. C'est un livre special decoration de diary avec un stylo a 4 couleurs, je ne me lasse pas de le feuilleter et de m'en inspirer, je l'adore!!
      Rho Anais, j'avais dit enveloppes ventrues interdites ;-)!!

  6. What a lovely idea for the kids! I also write a lot of lists and things on small notebooks and can't help buying news ones even though I don't need them - I sort of collect them actually. However, I never know what to do with them once they're full, such a nuisance...

    1. Haha! I collect notebooks too and I have more empty ones than full ones (and than I'll probably ever need!!) but can't get myself to throw the full ones away..