Homemade washi tape of the week

I love masking tape for wrapping gifts, hanging stuff on the wall etc.. I saw this cute and clever homemade washi tape tutorial (I'm not too sure what the difference is but I believe washi tape is fabric whereas masking tape is paper) on the Mollie Makes website and thought I'd give it a go.

The idea (and pictures) comes from A Spoonful of Sugar, explanations here on Mollie Makes.

Love those Japanese fabrics! I don't have any so I just used pretty floral prints.

All you need is scraps of fabric/paper, scissors, cardboard tube and something to keep the tape attached to the tube (the best would be twist ties but I didn't have any so used masking tape instead). No sewing involved, so quick and easy to make - the hardest part for me was finding and cutting the cardboard tube!
Clever, isn't it? Come on, give it a go!

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