Fabric notebook cover of the week

And here's the last thing I made to go with the London bag for lil sis' birthday (apologies for the pictures, I never iron anything!) - a fabric book cover (or a bag with handles) from January's issue of Mollie Makes.
You can either fit a standard paperback or an A5 size notebook inside.

Explanations here:

Again, this looked like a simple enough project, straight lines etc.. and I even simplified it by not doing the handles, but for some reason I always end up undoing and redoing things a couple of times!! I really have to learn to be neater and not to rush everything just to get it finished asap!

I thought I might use one of the Russian dolls to put at the end of the bookmark ribbon but they're far too big, thought they'd be a lot smaller than that!

So this is the end of my London stuff (bag, tissue case, pencil roll and notebook cover), this is all going off to Lille very soon - one tick off the list and about 20 things left on it hum hum..


  1. Bonjour, je suis désolée je n'écris pas anglais. Je suis en admiration devant ce que vous faîtes, j'aime vos beaux tissus employés, plein de gaité. Je vous en félicite.

    1. Merci Framboise! Je lis regulierement votre blog et vous faites de bien belles choses vous aussi - avec de chouettes details et des finitions sans doute bien meilleures que les miennes, je debute! Et vous avez 3 filles bien douees de leurs mains aussi!!
      Merci pour vos encouragements!