Rainbow pencil roll

Here's a rainbow pencil roll I made for M - a bit of a botched job if I'm honest. There's so many things that aren't quite right with it but I wanted to finish it before picking M up from school and I did!
We put his brand new pens in it. And here it is in action..

I'd always wanted to make one of those and I'm quite pleased that I could use all my dotty fabrics. The only colour I didn't have was black so I used navy blue instead and it looks fine.
OK, got a few more of those to make for my niece and nephew and for my neatly lined up pencils obsessed sister (yes, the same one!).

Rainbow pencil roll seen here and here. Also, explanations in French here. I read the explanations but again, kind of did my own thing..

M "putting the pencils to bed"


  1. Lovely!
    I think you can't stop sewing now! I am so impressed.
    Looking forward to seeing next one! A x

  2. Virginie13.2.12

    Super joli!!! et trop mignon toujours M qui met ses stylos au lit... ah je suis pressée que le mien parle parfois, pour entendre ces petites phrases!
    Bisous à la petite famille, et bravo la couturière!