Can you believe I'd never read Harry Potter (or seen the movies)??
I was given the first 3 books for my birthday and I'm currently devouring the first one..


  1. Tu n'ava - Nan, j'peux même pas le dire/penser/écrire. Mes enfants, ils n'auront même pas le choix, hahaha :D
    BON LECTURE!! You can talk to me afterwards. On peut débriefer et tout ;)

    1. Haha! And now I understand what all the fuss was about ;)!!
      Je vais devoir rajouter "Visit platform 9 3/4" et "Harry Potter studios" a ma liste of things to do.. Une fois que Mehdi les aura lus aussi..

    2. Platform 9 3/4 is always soooo crowded!! Sans rire, y'a toujours une queue d'au moins 20 min pour se faire prendre en photo. Although, there's a Harry Potter shop just next to it pour faire passer le temps et acheter ton billet pour le Hogwarts Express :D
      You're going to have so many side books and tidbits written by JKR to read once you're finished reading the series, ha! Welcome to the unbelievably captivating, enchanting and complex world of Harry Potter! ;)