My week #46

Reading a book with a nice cup of tea, a new blouse, a movie curled up under a thick blanket, spending hours in a bookstore, a cuddly story time, catching up with friends over tea, breakfast at the cafe (all on my own!), wrapping the first Christmas presents with brand new wrapping paper, taking the boys to the cinema, a wet autumn walk..
This week I have tried hard to appreciate those little things and forget about the parking fine, the gloomy weather and the torrential rain, the friend who stood me up, the little boy who's suddenly decided to be naughty, my nights being interrupted by the sound of coughing and calls of "MUMMY!! I need a wee/water/my duvet!"


  1. Oh que oui concentrons nous sur ces petites choses... Nous voilà "exilés" à peu près au centre de la France, pas très loin de tout, trop loin de tout... On va s'y faire, le plus dur est de ne plus avoir la mer en face au quotidien, et les copains copines laissés là-bas... Alors nous aussi on ne regarde que ces petites choses joyeuses et réconfortantes qui animent notre quotidien...
    Des bises!