My week #29

The Transport Museum (Y loves the museum, I love the shop!) / our summer list of things to do (I might be slightly ambitious on the creative front..) / it's been incredibly hot for the last 10 days, M had so much fun cooling off in the fountains on the Southbank - have I ever told you I love that place!? / a outburst of colour as part of the Festival of Love / a cool afternoon at Battersea Power Station - we were meant to see Toy Story at the outdoor cinema but last week's mighty storm damaged the installation (and to our internet, hence the lateness of this post!) and the screening was cancelled.. so the boys made the most of the sprinklers and free ice cream and sweets!


  1. I MISS LONDON !! :(
    The picture of M. with the water rainbow is perfect! Loving the 'HEY'.
    Enjoy your summer!

  2. Et bientôt encore un peu plus de rose dans ton quotidien... mon Happy Mail est en route.
    Bisous et bon arrosage de Loulous. Paraît que ça les fait pousser comme des champignons. :)

  3. your summer to-do sounds great!
    stormy weather also sounds great right now - it's soooooo hot here, i know i mustn't complain, because dingy Narnia is coming back soon for 6 months of the year, but yeah some rain and a cooling breeze would be welcome still right now :)
    shame about the cinema set up being damaged by the storm though - i love toy story.
    have a lovely weekend! x