My week #31



An exhibition featuring some artworks from the children at M's school and other schools too, all for a good cause / sports day in the scorching hot sun / my friend Bex is playing ultimate with Team GB at the World Games (the Olympics for the non Olympic sports) in Columbia, how amazing is that!? / a stack of Thank you cards from M's classmates I read with this year / a Thank you card from M to his teacher and a Thank you gift from me - if I manage to finish it on time!! / a country show.. sheep and newborn chicks / a trip to an enchanted forest.. canal boat ride, birds of prey and the biggest swing I've ever seen! And no sign of the royal baby yet..


  1. Oh those thank you cards are precious! How sweet. And the gift you are making looks great. I'm sure you'll get it done on time, deadlines are a great motivator I always find! x

  2. Just checked, looks like the royal baby is on his /her way ;)
    I'm not forgetting you, July is sooo busy! :))

  3. that swing! i'd be too tempted to try it :)