A lovely surprise in my letterbox yesterday.. A surprise from Belgium..

I like pink and in a house full of boys, there's isn't much of it around.. I really liked the flower pot holder Anne-Flore had made here, so she sent me one! Along with a piece of pink fabric, a lovely handwritten card and 2 cute badges for my boys.
It's so so nice to find a handwritten letter among the ton of leaflets and brown and white envelopes I receive every day! Thank you so much Anne-Flore, it was a lovely surprise!!


  1. De rien Hélène ; )
    Je te réponds très vite via ma boîte mail mais pas trop eu le temps ...
    Bizettes de tu sais où : )
    ps; les badges sont des illustrations d'"alain grée"livres des années 70 , j'ai coupé dedans car certaines pages étaient gribouillées...comme quoi rien n'est jamais perdu ; )

  2. What a lovely parcel. I love that flower pot holder, so clever and such a gorgeous colour. x

  3. Lucky you!! i've got the same problem with pink at home ;)

  4. Those badges are so unbelievably cute! I'm off to check out her blog now! :)

  5. Anonymous3.3.13

    Merci pour ton gentil mot Amélie...