Here come the girls

I haven't reached my target of embroidering all the names but I've done all the girls and a few of the boys. I'm cursing the parents who chose to give their children names with more than 5 letters!!

I know a couple of names are quite difficult to read due to the wrong choice of thread colour for the background, but it's one of those things whereby it looks fine when you start and you don't really realise til it's too late that it's not right.. I couldn't undo the embroidery, the only option was to cut another piece of fabric and start again but I'm past that stage now, I just want to get on with it!!

By the way, all I'm working on at the moment is this Advent calendar, so apologies in advance if it gets boring, but that's all I'll be showing you til it's finished!!
And then I'll be showing you 2 more..

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