My week #18



Back to school / adding wishes to our wish tree (Y is only 2 but you'll notice his writing is quite remarkable!) / blue skies and a lovely walk along Southbank, M drawing his own map and catching a glimpse of the marathon runners / sun! we can see our shadows! / playmobil mayhem / finishing our time capsule (M would like to open it in 2 years time.. On the day he sealed the letter he'd just written for his 16 year old self he said "I want to read it tomorrow"! But he's actually already forgotten about it so I shall hide the box in a cupboard for the next 10 years..)

And my new niece was born this week, can't wait to meet her!


  1. Such lovely pictures, especially the shot of the Southbank. So glad it's sunny for you. x

  2. Lovely photos ... it is great when the sun shines ... love the time capsule instructions ... Bee xx