My week #34&35


A week in France visiting family.. catching up with cousins, visiting the chateau, going to the races, watching cows and generally having a good time! Adding to my To Read pile after my customary trip to the bookshop (and thank you Hermine for adding to my pile too!)..


Back in London.. a very wet and cold outdoor cinema experience / on the Books about Town trail / going up Tower Bridge (I am always amazed by this crazy mix of old and new in the London skyline!) / selfie in the poppy field..

The kids are back at school next week and I am bursting with enthusiasm, projects and new resolutions for the new school year (probably my last one as a stay at home mum!)..
Doing something with this blog is also on my list as I'm not too sure where it's heading.. It started as a sewing blog but, as my productivity slowed down it became something else.. about my life, what I like, with more photos.. And I think I like it this way, I'm not sure.. I'd love to publish more often but I don't know what about, more London, more everyday photos.. What do you want to see??
Hmmm, I need a little think! Any suggestions welcome!


  1. Anonymous2.9.14

    The last photo is just amazing! I wish I had time to come to London and lay down in the middle of that poppy field! ;-)

  2. I like your London pictures a lot!

  3. What a fun bunch of pics. :) I LOVE the fallen ice cream cone shot!