My week #28

New fabrics / some lovely weather this week so we got the hose and shorts out / finishing my latest pocket quilt, this time for my mum, with the faces and names of her 6 grandchildren / new pet / buying presents for family - we're going to France on Weds! - I usually stock up in M&S and Cath Kidston / sprinkler fun in our friends garden


  1. drooling at the new fabrics - that froggy one especially makes my heart beat faster, so cute!
    the 'new pet' made me chuckle, kids can be so adorable with their little makebeliefs.
    glad to see you get to enjoy some proper summer weather in the land of the rolling fog too, and France sounds like it should be a classic summer holiday with chirping crickets in the evening and the best tomatoes and watermelon known to man :) have a lovely holiday, hope you post some pictures x A.

  2. I wish you were a member of my family ;)
    M and S and Cath kidston, perfect mix!

  3. Another lovely pocket quilt... And another lovely parcel I got today! Thank you for the book, you're amazing! The tea smells so good, the ribbon, the stickers... Guess what? I've been buying sticky labels frantically lately - it couldn't have made a better choice! Have a nice holiday in France - M&S and Cath Kidston presents look nice too!

  4. Ma petite a beaucoup plus de cheveux que ça. Et les yeux beaucoup plus ouverts aussi, surtout vers 5h du mat...