In the post..

Before leaving for France, I popped a couple of envelopes in the post..
My little surprise package..

And fabric squares for 2 Bai Jia Beis (or 100 Good wishes quilt)..

Have you ever heard of the Bai Jia Bei? It is a tradition in northern China for family and friends to each contribute a piece of fabric towards a quilt for a newborn baby and to accompany the fabric with some good wishes written on a card.

Bai Jia Beis have been popping up on lots of French blogs recently and although I might never make one for my boys (they each have a quilt my mum made for them), I love the idea of taking part and then spotting my little bits of fabric in the middle of so many others, just like here! I sent polka dots to Marie Dardennes for her little boy and pastel colours to Hermine for her new baby girl. Helene is looking for pink, grey, purple and turquoise squares for her 2 girls and Camille has just finished her little girl's BJB and is now looking for blue squares for her boy's - join in if you like!


  1. Je me régale avec ce projet c'est pourquoi je participe avec plaisir a ces BJB que tu nous présentes!
    Tu dois être toute excitée de retrouver la France demain!! Bonnes vacances! Profite profite!!

  2. Tes paquets sont de merveilleux cadeaux !

  3. Han mais c' est tellement beau, envie de tout découvrir.

  4. Merci Hélène, j'ai bcp de chance ;-)

  5. Such a lovely idea. And I really LOVE that ribbon/braid wrapped around the fabrics, it's beautiful. x

  6. J'adore l'idée de ces patchworks et ta sélection est adorable.
    Très belles vacances en France (veinards!) xx

  7. Merci merci merci Hélène! Ton enveloppe est arrivée aujourd'hui...je suis toute émue! Belle journée à toi!